May 13th, 2015


Throughout our research endeavors, our group disseminates key findings through academic conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

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Conference Papers

Kee, K. F. (2014, February). Single-investigator culture, accidental data contamination, and geopolitics of data ownership: Three challenges of data sharing in big data science, cyberinfrastructure, and cooperative scientific work. Paper presented at the ‘Sharing, Re-use and Circulation of Resources in Scientific Cooperative Work’ workshop, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Conference, Baltimore, MD.

Kee, K. F. (2013, November). Disciplinary histories, funders’ priorities, and competing research methodologies: Organizational communication influences behind the emerging designs of cyberinfrastructure. Paper presented at the National Communication Association annual conference, Washington, DC.

Kee, K. F., & Browning, L. D. (2013, November). Recruiting for and conducting qualitative telephone interviews to study dispersed groups, virtual organizations, and distributed communities. Paper presented at the National Communication Association annual conference, Washington, DC.

Kee, K. F., & Browning, L. D. (2012, July). Defining cyberinfrastructure for communication, organizational, and diffusion research: Interactions and characteristics. Paper presented at the Oxford Internet Institute SDP Alumni Conference, Oxford, UK.

Kee, K. F., Browning, L. D., Ballard, D. I., & Cicchini, E., B. (2012, March). Sociomaterial processes, long term planning, and infrastructure funding: Towards effective collaboration and collaboration tools for visual and data analytics. Paper presented at the NSF sponsored Science of Interaction for Data and Visual Analytics Workshop, Austin, TX.

Kee, K. F., & Browning, L. D. (2012, February). Challenges of scientist-developers and adopters of existing cyberinfrastructure tools for data-intensive collaboration, computational simulation, and interdisciplinary projects in early e-science in the U.S. Paper presented at the ‘Data-Intensive Collaboration in Science and Engineering’ workshop, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Conference, Seattle, WA.

Kee, K. F., & Browning, L. D. (2012, February). Two socio-technical gaps of cyberinfrastructure development and implementation for data-intensive collaboration and computational simulation in early e-science projects in the U.S. Paper presented at the ‘Mastering Data-Intensive Collaboration through the Synergy of Human and Machine Reasoning’ workshop, Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) Conference, Seattle, WA.

Kee, K. F. (2009, October). Disciplinary histories, funders’ priorities, and competing theories: Organizational forces behind the development of cyberinfrastructure in e-science. Paper presented at the Society for Social Studies of Science annual conference, Arlington, VA.